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Field guides published as companions to each of IQUA’s annual field meetings are available to purchase online below easily and securely with your credit card using PayPal. Just click on the relevant “Add to Cart” button below and following the on-screen instructions. Please note that all prices are quoted without postage and packaging. A small additional amount (i.e. €2.90 for a single guide) is therefore added automatically when paying via PayPal.

As part of our ongoing digitisation efforts, we are happy to report that most of our field guides, including those out of print, are now available for purchase and download in low cost .pdf format. All .pdfs have been made text-searchable.

Additionally, the sites visited for each fieldguide have been mapped using the Google Earth software and these maps are accessible following the individual links below (“Map Links” collumn – opens in a new browser tab). You can also download the individual .kmz files (“Download .kmz Files” column) to use directly in Google Earth (note: the files will open in zipped format). We also provide here a single .kmz file that maps all fieldguide sites up to 2015 (current version date 01 Oct 2015).

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The Wicklow in the Grip of an Ice Age – A Self-Guided Tour of the Evidence of an Ice Age in Wicklow is hosted on the excellent Our Wicklow Heritage website, developed by the Wicklow Heritage Forum as an action of the County Wicklow Heritage plan (click here for the tour webpage). The Virtual Tour retraces the May 2012 IQUA field trip to Wicklow, led by Profs. Pete Coxon, Fraser Mitchell and Patrick Wyse Jackson, which took place as part of the Dublin City of Science 2012. The Virtual Tour locates and describes each of the key stops on the trip, with references to the IQUA field guide companion to the trip, which is available to buy in print for just €7 from the table below.

Finally, the 14 fielguides compiled for the INQUA fieldtrips run in Ireland in the summer of 2019 are all available for purchase below. A package deal of all 14 for €80 is available by clicking on the link below :

No.YearTitleEditorsMap LinksDownload .kmz filesPrint PricePurchase Print CopyPDF
Purchase PDF CopyDownload Links
N/A2019Archaeology and Landscape History of Neolithic Co. SligoStolze, S.----€10
Post:HL-12019Quaternary sites in the Shannon Estuary region and along the Wild Atlantic WayDalton, C. & O'Carroll, E.----€10

Post:Arch-12019North MayoWarren, G. & McCarron, S.----€10

Post:GL-12019The Quaternary of Clare IslandCoxon, P. & Hennessy, M.----€10

M:HL-32019Life and Adaptation in the Irish Wetlands during the HolocenePlunkett, G., Stuijts, I. & McDermott, C.----€7

M:Arch-52019Geology and Quaternary Environments of the Rathcroghan Archaeological Landscape and Wider Machaire Connacht Region, Co. RoscommonCurley, D.----€7

M:Arch-2, 3 & 42019Aspects of Leinster Archaeology and LandscapeDavis, S., Warren, G., McDermott, C. & Seaver, M.----€5

M:GL-62019Wicklow in the grip of an Ice AgeCoxon, P., Mitchell, F. & Wyse Jackson, P.----€5

M:GL-52019Glacial Deposits in the Irish MidlandsDelaney, C.----€7

M:GL-4 & Post:GL-22019The Glaciation of the Mourne MountainsRoberson, S.----€10

M:GL-32019Glacial Lake Blessington: Deposits, Deformation, Outflow FeaturesPhlicox, M.----€10

M:GL-22019Younger Dryas glaciation in the Wicklow MountainsKnight, L., Boston, C., Lovell, H. & Pepin, N.----€5

M:GL-12019The Quaternary Geology of Killiney BayMcCarron, S.----€5

Pre:GL-22019The Quaternary of Western IrelandCoxon, P.----€10

Pre:GL-12019Late Quaternary Stratigraphy and Glacial History of Southern IrelandÓ Cofaigh, C. & Evans, D. J. A.----€7

352018The Quaternary of the Irish MidlandsMcGlynn, G., Stuijts, I. & Stefanini, B.----€15

342017South West DonegalO'Carroll, E. & McClure, M.----€7

Issue 34
H2016 The Quaternary Glaciation of the Mourne Mountains (QRA & IQUA) Roberson, S., Barr, I.& Cooper, M. ----€20

----TOC Only
332016The Burren, Co. Clare Nolan, J. & Randolph, C. ----€9 (b&w)


Issue 33
G2015The Quaternary of South East Ireland (QRA & IQUA) McGlynn, G. & Stefanini, B Guide GGuide G.kmz€15

322014Limerick and Shannon Estuary Region Dalton, C. & OCarroll, E. Guide 32Guide 32.kmz€7


Issue 32
312013North Mayo Warren, G.M. & Davis, S. Guide 31Guide 31.kmz€7


Issue 31
302012Roscommon & South Sligo Stefanini, B. & McGlynn, G. Guide 30Guide 30.kmz€7


Issue 30
F2012Wicklow in the Grip of an Ice AgeCoxon, P., Mitchell, F. & Wyse Jackson, P. (authors)Guide FGuide F.kmz€7

292011North Meath Stefanini, B. & McGlynn, G. Guide 29Guide 29.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 29
282010The Beara Peninsula McCarron, S. & Stefanini, B. Guide 28Guide 28.kmz€7


Issue 28
E2008North of Ireland: Field Guide (QRA & IQUA)Whitehouse, N.J., Roe, H. M., McCarron, S., & Knight, J.Guide EGuide E.kmz€9

272007Aran Islands McCarron, S. Guide 27Guide 27.kmz€7


Issue 27
262006Late Quaternary Environmental Change & Archaeology: Case Studies in the Lower Bann Valley & Belfast DistrictSwindles, G. (author)Guide 26Guide 26.kmz--Out of Print FREE--Issue 26
D2005The Quaternary of Central Western Ireland (QRA & IQUA)Coxon, P. Guide DGuide D.kmz--
Out of Print------
252003TyroneMcCarron, S.------Out of Print ------
242002The Quaternary of Kilkenny (with particular emphasis on the Castlecomer Plateau)Hegarty, S. (author)Guide 24Guide 24.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 24
C2001Western Connemara Coxon, P. Guide CGuide C.kmz--Out of Print FREE--Field Guide C
231999Lower Bann & Adjacent AreasKnight, J.Guide 23Guide 23.kmz--Out of Print€4

Issue 23
221998South Central MayoBarton, K.& Molloy, K.Guide 22Guide 22.kmz€7


Issue 22
211997The Quaternary of the Irish MidlandsMitchell, F.J.G. & Delany C.Guide 21Guide 21.kmz--Out of Print€4

Issue 21
201996Central KerryDelaney, C. & Coxon, P. Guide 20Guide 20.kmz€7


Issue 20
191995North-West Donegal Wilson, P.Guide 19Guide 19.kmz€7


Issue 19
181994Burren, Co. Clare O'Connell, M. Guide 18Guide 18.kmz€7


Issue 18
171994Clare Island & InishbofinCoxon, P. & O'Connell, M. Guide 17Guide 17.kmz€7


Issue 17
161993South Fermanagh, Northern IrelandHall, V.Guide 16Guide 16.kmz€7


Issue 16
151993An Boirean / The BurrenWarren, W.P. & O'Connell, M.Guide 15Guide 15.kmz--Out of Print€4

Issue 15
141991North MayoCoxon, P., Browne, P., Condit, T., Gibbons, M., Hannon, G. & Stone, J. (authors)Guide 14Guide 14.kmz--Out of Print€4

Issue 14
131990North Antrim & LondonderryWilson, P.Guide 13Guide 13.kmz€7


Issue 13
121989Waterford & East CorkQuinn, I.M., & Warren, W.P.--Guide 12.kmz--Out of Print€4

Issue 12
111988ConnemaraO'Connell, M. & Warren, W.P.Guide 11Guide 11.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 11
101987Offaly & West KildareHammond, R.F., Warren, W.P. & Daly, D.Guide 10Guide 10.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 10
B1986South-East Ulster (QRA & IQUA) McCabe, A.M. & Hirons, K.R. ------Out of Print ------
91986Corca DhuibhneWilliam P., Warren, C.A., Lewis, I.M., Quinn, P., Woodman, R., Devoy, J., Shaw, J., Orford, J.D. & Carter, R.W.G. (authors) Guide 9Guide 9.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 9
81985Sligo & West Leitrim Thorn, R.H.Guide 8Guide 8.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 8
71984North East Co. Donegal & North West Co. LondonderryWilson, P. & Carter, R.W.G.Guide 7Guide 7.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 7
61983North-West Iveragh, KerryMitchell, G.F., Coxon, P. & Price, A. Guide 6Guide 6.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 6
51982A Field Guide to Clare Island, Co. MayoCoxon, P. (author) Guide 5Guide 5.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 5
41982The South & East Coasts of Co. Wexford Carter, R.W.G. & Orford, J.D. Guide 4Guide 4.kmz--Out of Print €4

Issue 4
31980County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Edwards, K.J. Guide 3Guide 3.kmz€7


Issue 3
21979Galtees RegionSynge, F.M.------Out of Print ------
11978South County Down McCabe, A.M. Guide 1Guide 1.kmz€7


Issue 1
A1968Coastal Glacial Deposits in Cork, Waterford & Wexford [pre-IQUA] Colhoun, E. Farrington, A. Mitchell, G.F. Stephens, N. Synge, F.M., Vernon, P. and Watts, W.A. Guide AGuide A.kmz--Out of Print FREE--Field Guide A