Symposia Programs

Programmes and abstracts of previous IQUA symposia are being made available here on an ongoing basis, beginning with our most recent symposia.

Symposia DateDetailsPDF
Autumn 2023Marginal Environments: Processes, Use, and ResilienceAutumn 2023
Spring 2023Held on Saturday 25th March in University College CorkSpring 2023
Autumn 2022"Research from the past, Impact for the future"Autumn 2022
Spring 2022Held on Saturday 30th April in Queen's University BelfastSpring 2022
Autumn 2021"Abrupt Change in the Quaternary"Autumn 2021
Spring 2021Held online on the 16th of AprilSpring 2021
Autumn 2020"Carbon Sequestration"Autumn 2020
Autumn 2019"A selection from INQUA"Autumn 2019
Spring 2019Held in the National Botanics Garden in Glasnevin, Dublin and followed by a public event entitled "Ireland and the Ice Age"Spring 2019
Autumn 2018"Ireland's Offshore Quaternary Records"--
Spring 2018Held on Saturday 21st April in the Hunt Museum, LimerickSpring 2018
Autumn 2017"Drainage in Glacial Landscapes"Autumn 2017
Autumn 2016"Early Human Occupation of Ireland"Autumn 2016
Spring 2016Held on Saturday 9th April at the School of Geography and Environmental Science, Ulster of University (Coleraine campus). A field trip was run on Sunday morning (April 10th) to see coastal sights of interest.Spring 2016
Autumn 2015The IGGy Early Career Workshop and the Third IGGy Scientific Workshop “Extreme Events (a geomorphological perspective)” took place on the 25th & 26th of November, in conjunction with the “Extreme Earth: Events That Shaped the Quaternary” IQUA Annual Symposium 2015 was on Friday 27th November. Autumn 2015
Spring 2015Held in Maynooth UniversitySpring 2015
Autumn 2014Lakes: Reflections of Our PastAutumn 2014
Autumn 2013Theme:”Dating the Quaternary”. Keynote address: “Annually-resolved records of marine climate change from the longest-lived animals on earth” by Prof. James Scourse.Autumn 2013
Spring 2013Keynote address: “Palaeoecology: Distant Places, New Perspectives” by Prof. Michael O’Connell, Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, School of Geography and Archaeology, National University of Ireland, Galway. Spring 2013
Autumn 2012Theme: “Remote sensing: Applications in Quaternary Science, Archaeology and Landscape Management”. Keynote address: “Advancing the documentation of buried and submerged archaeological landscapes” by Prof. Michael Doneus, Director of the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science and Deputy-Director and Key-Researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology.Autumn 2012
Spring 2012Keynote address: “Reliability of radiocarbon dating mollusc shells from Irish sites” by Prof. Paula J. Reimer, School of Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology, Queen's University BelfastSpring 2012
Spring 2011Held in Trinity College DublinSpring 2011