The IQUA Newsletter (ISSN 0790-4096) is published twice a year and includes information on IQUA meetings and other forthcoming events. In addition, the newsletter provides updates on current Quaternary research activities in Ireland including postgraduate projects and recent publications. The Editor, currently Ellen O’Carroll, welcomes submissions on any aspect of Quaternary studies from both members and non-members. The most recent issue of the newsletter is circulated first to IQUA members, before being made available online here.

IssuePublished dateEditorPDF
55August 2015Ellen OCarrollIssue 55
54February 2015Ellen OCarrollIssue 54
53July 2014Ellen OCarrollIssue 53
52February 2014Ellen OCarrollIssue 52
51July 2013Ellen OCarrollIssue 51
50February 2013Ellen OCarrollIssue 50
49July 2012Sarah MurnaghanIssue 49
48April 2012Sarah MurnaghanIssue 48
46February 2011Sarah MurnaghanIssue 46
45July 2010Sarah MurnaghanIssue 45"
44March 2010Stephen McCarronIssue 44
43August 2009Stephen McCarronIssue 43
42March 2009Stephen McCarronIssue 42
41forthcomingCatherine Dalton--
40forthcomingCatherine Dalton--
39July 2007Catherine DaltonIssue 39
38January 2007Catherine DaltonIssue 38
37June 2006Catherine DaltonIssue 37
36January 2006Catherine DaltonIssue 36
35November 2005Catherine DaltonIssue 35
34forthcomingCatherine DaltonIssue 34
33November 2004Catherine DaltonIssue 33
32April 2004Catherine DaltonIssue 32
31November 2003Catherine DaltonIssue 31