IQUA Symposium

IQUA Symposium 2018:  Ireland’s Offshore Quaternary Records

This Symposium will review the progress being made in mapping and understanding the Quaternary record in Irish offshore waters. Advances in our understanding of the Quaternary history of Irish shelves will be compared to ongoing research in neighbouring regions, including discussion of the schemas emerging to classify and age constrain known sequences.  The Symposium will introduce research utilising a wide variety of data types including bathymetry, shallow and deep seismic profiles and geological sampling being applied in programmes such as INFOMAR.
1st Call for papers from July 2018
Date of Symposium:  23rd November 2018 starting at 9:30h
Venue: Geological Survey of Ireland Lecture Theatre, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin 4
Convenor:  Dr Stephen McCarron, Maynooth University (


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