IQUA 2014 Autumn Symposium

IQUA’s 2014 Autumn Symposium took place on Friday November 28th in the Geological Society of Ireland’s Lecture Theatre, Beggar’s Bush, Dublin 4. The symposium theme was, “Lakes: Reflections of our past”, and featured a range of speakers from Ireland and the UK covering different aspects of lacustrine research.

The line-up included Prof. Michael O’Connell (NUIG – Lake sediment archives); Prof. Phil Jordan (University of Ulster – Modern: lake eutrophication trends and recovery); Dr. Aaron Potito (NUIG – Biological proxies: chironomids); and Dr. Micheline Sheehy-Skeffington (NUIG – Turloughs). Keynote lectures will be delivered by Prof. Chris Caseldine (University of Exeter – Growing importance of Quaternary science) and Dr. Cathy Delaney (Manchester Metropolitan University – Glaciolacustrine sediments and landforms).

The full symposia schedule is also available for download in pdf.