Spring Meeting 2018 Core Programme

IQUA are planning on a range of new initiatives this year, the first of many in the lead up to INQUA 2019 (www.inqua2019.org/).

Spring Meeting

The core of programme for IQUA Spring Meeting in the Hunt Museum, Limerick on April 21st is with a selection of talks celebrating key Quaternary Scientists:

  • The challenges face by Women Quaternary Scientists Bettie Higgs (University College Cork)
  • Robert Lloyd Praeger (1865-1953) Timothy Collins (NUI, Galway)
  • Sydney Mary Thompson (1847-1923) Antoinette Madden & Catherine Dalton (Natural History Museum & Mary Immaculate College)
  • Bill Watts (1930- 2010) Keith Bennett (St Andrews University)
  • Valerie Hall (1946-2016) Gill Plunkett (Queens University Belfast)
  • Frank Mitchell (1912-1997) Fraser Mitchell (Trinity College Dublin)

Our spring meeting is generally focussed on postgraduate research – so we would also like to invite postgraduates who would like to make a presentation (oral or poster) to let me know (catherine.dalton@mic.ul.ie).

Exhibition and Booklet

IQUA has applied for funding to translate these talks into a pull-up banner exhibition and a booklet to be published by IQUA.

We are seeking further expressions of interest from IQUA members for a range of other written contributions.  Quaternary scientists included in the booklet paper should have carried out Quaternary-related research in (or relevant to) Ireland, but do not necessarily need to be from Ireland.

Names that have been suggested in conversation with members include:

  • Francis Synge
  • Jean (Jeanne) Margaret White
  • Hilda Parkes
  • Susan Geraty
  • Anthony Farrington
  • Nick Stephens
  • Anthony Orme
  • William King
  • Wood Martin
  • JB Whittow
  • Mary Sommerville (nee Fairfax)
  • Barbara Miller
  • Sybil Watson
  • Mary Patricia Happer Kertland

We propose include papers between 500-1000 words in length to maximise the range of individuals included in this booklet.  Author guidelines will be forwarded to contributing authors.

Can I encourage IQUA academic members to encourage your postgraduates to suggest and prepare contributions on key individuals.

Please send your suggestions to catherine.dalton@mic.ul.ie or eocarro@tcd.ie or mcglyng@tcd.ie  by April 1st 2018.

Deadline for submissions of papers will be June 30th  2018.